Who are we?

We are a small group of creative professionals working together to provide big visual solutions to small and large scale organisations across Europe.

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Stuart Campbell

Director and Lighting Camera - UK & Germany

Trained as a lighting cameraman and multi skilled technical operator by ITV Stuart began his broadcasting career in 1996 shooting on Beta SP and M2 cutting news items on tape as part of a multi RTS award-winning regional News and Current Affairs production team.

As a freelancer Stuart has worked for numerous broadcasters and production companies - Sky, BBC, ITV, C4, Disney, Living, SAT1, RAI and C4 Finland. Additionally, he was part of a team helping to deliver visual solutions to major corporate businesses such as Vodafone, Merril Lynch and British Airways.

Founding his own business in 2007 Stuart has provided video solutions for the MoD, British Army, Local Education Authorities, local and international businesses and television broadcasters.

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He likes lots of espresso, lots and lots of be-bop jazz funk and lots and lots and lots of cricket!

Morgan Davies Producer and Script writer